Tuesday, 24 May 2016

2nd 'Quilt in a day' @ Black Sheep Wools

Last Thursday I taught my second 'Quilt in a Day' @ Black Sheep Wools, this is one of my favourite workshop venues and I've spoken about it here .  Not only is it a cracking workspace for quilting workshops but it has a great retail area with the added bonus of a sale at the moment.
7 ladies attended the workshop and most of them were novice quilters, we worked hard and my lasting impression of the class was Cabbages, Deer and Flowers, read on and I'll tell you why.....

As a textile designer I tend to respect fabric and the design work that has gone into producing that piece of fabric, consequently when the ladies turn up with their 'stash' of fabric I think about what we can do with it and how we can use the design 'elements'.  One lady had chosen one of my favourite fabrics that is based on Cabbages, I have a fat quarter of this that I keep in my stash and every now and then I take it out have a look at it and it makes me happy, its the first time its ever been used at one of my workshops.  Another lady chose one of Kaffe's flower patterns and another lady chose Tula Pink's 'Deer' fabric, all of these fabrics were begging to be 'fussy cut' and although it took longer to cut the patches it was very worthwhile.

Tula Pink's Deer fabric

 The ladies very hard at work

Starting to piece together the quilts 

And attaching the wadding....

So finally, these were the finished quilts....

With the Deer

With the Flowers

 Love this colour combination, and I think its looking a bit 'Klimt'

Some great retro fabrics here

And it's those Cabbages

Gorgeous colours combos on both of these ...

Finally, I had to do a bit of retail therapy so I purchased some lovely buttons - you'll see these soon - and some Tula Pink fabric.  I plan to make another top like this and really wanted to use one of Tula's designs so I chose this, it's avpretty bold print for me but it was in the sale so I thought I would give it a go.  Half term is coming up so I guess I will be sewing ;)

Friday, 25 March 2016

A busy bee

I suppose I should be posting Easter stuff with the holiday upon us but I think I covered that one in my previous post which was a super fast Fluffy Bunny. What I do have to show you is a Bee that I have made for the trust involved in the running of the school that I teach at.  The Head Teacher - who just so happens to be a crafter person - brought me the bookmark for the trust and asked me if I could do anything textiley with it 'leave it with me' I said.

As well as being a secondary school we now accommodate primary school children so I immediately thought of a toy and looking into amigurumi.  I searched on Ravelry and came up with this little guy....


I thought I could 'develop' him to become our little bee, he had a nice big head so there would be plenty of 'learning' going on.  So I purchased the pattern and if you would like to do so this is the link. It's a good pattern very clear and easy to follow.

I started working on this during my half term holiday in Scotland, I had taken a yarn stash from home but on visiting my hometown in Fife I came upon this yarn stash from the wonderful shop Tiger , I came across this shop when we holidayed in Denmark and was thrilled when they came in the UK and I found one in Dunfermline. ( Although nothing in Yorkshire yet) Tiger is inexpensive and just joyful, as a teacher and crafter I can always find something here and on this occasion I got this yarn pack - above - for £2.  Just the colours I needed, 15gms of each so I set to work on it.  Notebook and pen are also from Tiger notebook has graph paper inside: excellent!  

So the result was this little guy and they were thrilled when they saw him at school, I found the face quite hard to do as it can really make or break the toy and I did a lot of unpicking but I think I got the happy chap that he is meant to be with a twinkle in his eye.

I hope you have a lovely Easter, I am off to Bath with a group of ladies for a few days and hoping to see some textiley stuff down there and I also really want to get round to working on my Liberty Quilt: but that's another story.  Happy Easter. 

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