Tuesday, 23 August 2016

'Pool' from Indigo by Kim Hargreaves

Time for a major catch up on projects or maybe I should say a catch up on re-incarnations.  As a Rowan consultant I've always had a stash of yarn for a project every season and I am never short of a project to do but about 6 months ago I began to realise that I wasn't enjoying my knitting and other sewing projects, I was actually feeling pressurized about doing 'stuff'.  I was also picking up 'Marie Kondo' vibes and recommending it to friends who were de-junking their lives: although I wasn't planning on buying the book for myself as I do not need to clear out and organise. But it was making me think about my projects and surroundings and I came to the conclusion that I was doing too much and needed to focus on one thing at a time, complete it - complete being the operative word - and then move onto the next project.  So, I cleared the decks and focused on making 'Pool'.

As I said, this is a re-incarnation.

'Angie' from 'Honey'

In 2014 I knitted 'Angie' from the book 'Honey' by Kim Hargreaves, I made it in Soft Knit Cotton Sunset Red 582.  It knitted-up well and I enjoyed making the project but when I wore it, it did not suit me and I didn't feel happy in it.  I am a 'hippy' girl and the peplum shaping did not work on me, so I decided that I would unravel it and plan another project, I don't have a problem ripping back projects it upsets me more when they don't work out and I'm not using them. And good yarn is too expensive to waste.
So, I had a good long look at projects as I did not want to make the same mistake again and I came across the 'Pool' cardigan from Kim's book Indigo.

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'Pool' from 'Indigo'

What I particularly liked about this project was that I had a look at Ravelry to see 'real women' in it and they all looked good; I always try to check out projects on Ravelry.  The project had been knitted in Rowan's Denim and as I was going to use another double knitting yarn I knew the tension would be alright.  I really enjoyed knitting this although I made an alteration in the shaping instead of doing the boxy shape I chose to introduce some shaping at the waist for a more fitted outcome.  So, voila, this is the result and certainly at the beginning of a Yorkshire Summer and during the Spring I had a lot of wear and compliments from this cardi.

I chose some engraved Silver heart buttons from Black Sheep Wools which were quite expensive to go on it but I really struggled to find something suitable, when I saw these they really worked with the cardi - I think they reflect the 'V' in the chevron of the design.  Size wise it felt a bit 'neat' when knitted but I was limited as to how much yarn I had, however, when worn it started to loosen off and it is now the perfect size for me.

So that's one project from this Spring/Summer and there is more to follow...

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