Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Log cabin cushion

My next workshop at Up Country is 'How to make a log cabin cushion' on August 4th.  It will start at 10.30, finish at 4 and will cost £30.  You will require fabric and there is an info leaflet in the shop but if you are unable to obtain one I can e-mail it.
Log cabining is a great introduction to Quilting and it will also allows you to be creative and do your own designing.  Fabric can be purchased for it, but as I always say: you can use recycled fabric to keep costs down.
We will have a break for lunch during the day so you can bring your own lunch or we can have it delivered.  And there will be yummy cakes as usual.  Hope to see you there.

Log cabin cushion produced for workshop

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Another Quilt in a day....

Had some more lovely ladies at my 'Quilt in a day' workshop yesterday and more creations to add to my quilt gallery.  Also managed to meet up with a friend who was happy to have some sewing time away from her very busy homelife and have a bit of 'me' time.  A lot of my quilters like the fact that they can concentrate on their sewing and have some time free from interruptions: and that's what quilting is about - therapy!

Fab quilt produced with recycled fabrics - a lovely momento.

A gorgeous creative log cabin designed quilt using liberty fabrics.

This lovely lady's 2nd quilt - she's planning 5 for her prospective  grandchildren!

A happy bunny design by a very happy - shy -lady

We feasted on some very nice cakes in the afternoon: Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes courtesy of 'The Hummingbird Bakery Book' - they were yummy....

Friday, 22 June 2012

Finishing Techniques, a completed quilt and an end to education.....

I have been neglecting my blog as I have been doing work for 'education' over the past 6 weeks - and I've forgotten how education saps your energy and creativity!  However, its at an end now and I'm looking forward to getting back to all my projects.  It seems ages since I've sat down and done a bit of cardi knitting:  I started one over 2 months ago and want to get it finished but its hardly been the weather to wear it.  I'll post a pic when its finished.  Another interruption to my 'crafting' has been the football and a husband that watches every match....its really messed up my knitting/tv down time!
In and amongst my education work I ran a finishing techniques workshop last Saturday and it was a truly fab day.  I was delighted that my 'students' felt they had learnt so much from it and there was lots of 'eureka' moments when they learnt specific techniques......I also managed to catch up with one of my quilting ladies and finally got to see her completed quilt from the 'Quilt-in-a-day' workshop.  I'm slowly building a quilt gallery and I think I'll put them all on to a separate page............. 

A very nice quilt dear!

It was also interesting at the workshop to meet a lady who had lived on the Isle of Skye and while she was there had trained as a spinner.  Further to this I have managed to get her some Alpaca fleece: I have a friend who is babysitting a herd  - is that the word? - of Alpaca and one has just been sheared.  Her name is Tuscany - !!!- and I really hope at some point to see something made by this lady from Tuscany's fleece.  We were shown a cracking bag that the lady had spun and then knitted: we were very impressed..... 



The weather here is truly awful at the moment - I am looking down to a very grey, wet Holmfirth and I cant see Emley Moor at all from my weather station.  Tomorrow, I have a 'Quilt-in-a-day' session and its been booked by a group of friends and an ex-teaching buddy.  And with a dreadful days weather forecasted what could be finer than a day's quilting, in nice surroundings, girly company, great sarnies from Nicks Kitchen and some home made Strawberry cheesecake cupcakes ....the rain wont bother us!!!! 

Friday, 8 June 2012

Finishing Techniques workshop

Do you ever knit a garment and feel that you are let down by the 'making up' of your masterpiece?  Do you dislike sewing your knitwear together - I do or in fact I did, until I learnt the various finishing techniques and tips over many years of knitting that have improved my finish on knitted garments.  The workshop I am running on Saturday 16th June at 'Up Country' covers all of this and will make your knitting life easier!  Its a 5 hour workshop and from the minute we start you will be knitting and you will be learning loads.
Class starts @ 10 and finishes @ 4.  Break for lunch - bring your own or we can order from Nicks Kitchen.  Material requirements: bring 4mm knitting needles and a ball of double knitting wool in a plain - not too dark- colour. Or you can buy these in 'Up Country'.  
Come and join us - there are a few places left.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mumford and Sons

On Saturday we went to see Mumford and Sons on their 'Gentlemen of the Road' tour, it was held at Greenhead Park in Huddersfield and although I've lived here a long time I'm ashamed to say I had never visited the park.  My 'other half' is a keen Mumford fan and I bought the tickets as a birthday present.  The weather had been good all day but by 4pm it had turned grim and we were experiencing Yorkshire 'moor grime' or drizzle!  I wasn't really looking forward to it......anyway, its many years since I've done the outdoor concert scene but I had a great time.  It was very civilized, good food: venison - locally sourced, ostrich!! - and alcohol was on offer at affordable prices: just a shame about the queues.  There was plenty of entertainment and sideshows and the whole event was a mangeable size: 8,000 there I think.
Mumford came on @ 9 and they were awesome!  They played all the tracks from 'Sigh No More' and quite a bit of their new stuff.  What a fab set of guys, they had created a day that was full of entertainment - 4 bands and sideshows - and they had really thought about choosing Huddersfield and had spent time learning about the area.
My other half was a very happy bunny, he said it was the 2nd best act he had seen - Rufus Wainwright being the first: and he wasn't even a fan - but he even put it above The Pogues: and that takes some doing.  Here's some pics and check out the music if you get the chance.

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