Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mumford and Sons

On Saturday we went to see Mumford and Sons on their 'Gentlemen of the Road' tour, it was held at Greenhead Park in Huddersfield and although I've lived here a long time I'm ashamed to say I had never visited the park.  My 'other half' is a keen Mumford fan and I bought the tickets as a birthday present.  The weather had been good all day but by 4pm it had turned grim and we were experiencing Yorkshire 'moor grime' or drizzle!  I wasn't really looking forward to it......anyway, its many years since I've done the outdoor concert scene but I had a great time.  It was very civilized, good food: venison - locally sourced, ostrich!! - and alcohol was on offer at affordable prices: just a shame about the queues.  There was plenty of entertainment and sideshows and the whole event was a mangeable size: 8,000 there I think.
Mumford came on @ 9 and they were awesome!  They played all the tracks from 'Sigh No More' and quite a bit of their new stuff.  What a fab set of guys, they had created a day that was full of entertainment - 4 bands and sideshows - and they had really thought about choosing Huddersfield and had spent time learning about the area.
My other half was a very happy bunny, he said it was the 2nd best act he had seen - Rufus Wainwright being the first: and he wasn't even a fan - but he even put it above The Pogues: and that takes some doing.  Here's some pics and check out the music if you get the chance.

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