Sunday, 29 April 2012

A quilt in a day

I ran this workshop @ Up Country, on Saturday 21st April.  My class had 4 lovely ladies and I could see the daunted look on their faces when I said they would leave with a quilt at the end of the day - but they did and I've a picture of three of them: one slipped the net.  It was pretty focussed learning and we had 2 ladies who were complete beginners but all the results were fantastic and they couldn't believe they had made a quilt.

We had a great day with lots of laughs, a fab lunch from 'Nicks' and some gorgeous cup cakes made by yours truly...and in the comfortable surroundings of 'Up Country'.  I'm planning another day so if your interested let me know .....


  1. The quilting workshop was wonderful and Rona was fantastic and so patient! I still can't quite believe I've made a quilt and will definitely sign up for the next one.

  2. Had a great day at the quilting workshop. It was a lovely relaxed atmosphere and with Rona's expert advice I came away with a lovely quilt that I'm proud of. I can't wait for the next one. Marie.


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