Friday, 7 September 2012

Finishing Techniques

Do you ever knit a garment and feel that you are let down by the 'making up' of your masterpiece?  Do you dislike sewing your knitwear together - I do or in fact I did, until I learnt the various finishing techniques and tips over many years of knitting that have improved my finish on knitted garments.  The workshop I am running on Saturday 15th September at 'Unravel' covers all of this and will make your knitting life easier!  Its a 5 hour workshop and from the minute we start you will be knitting and you will be learning loads.
Class starts @ 10 and finishes @ 4.  Break for lunch - bring your own or we can order a sandwich.  Material requirements: bring 4mm knitting needles and a ball of double knitting wool in a plain - not too dark- colour. Or you can buy these in 'Unravel'.  
Come and join us - and learn!

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