Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My latest project....AMENDED

Thought it was about time that I posted something new on the 'creative' front and this is my latest creation - a rib style knitted cowl that is reversible.  I knitted it with Noro and Rowan Creative Focus Worsted but you could knit this with any Aran style yarn that takes 5mm needles.  I designed it with the idea of it using 3 balls of wool: 100gms of the multi coloured yarn and 50gms of the solid colour, I used a circular needle so I didn't have to do any seams and I could carry the 2 shades through from one rib to the other.  I had some yarn over so I made a co-ordinating cuff for it but this is optional and not essential.
The Creative Focus yarn comes in 100grm balls but Up Country will split the yarn and you can get the yarn as a pack.
When the cowl is worn it is held in the rib form - so there's no folding of layers if you know what I mean: you will if you have worn a cowl before!

So this is the yarn that I used.....with the 5mm circular needle:80cm

This is the finished item

This is it full length....

And this is the reverse of it - with more of the Creative Focus showing...
and finally this is the pattern....


2 balls of Noro Silk Garden - shade 301
1 ball - 50gms - Rowan Creative Focus Worsted  shade 1107
Circular needle 5mm - 80 cm for cowl
5mm needles for cuff
3 buttons

Cast on 200 sts with Noro yarn, continue in the round-
Next row: Knit for 7 rounds
Introduce 2nd yarn,
Next row: Purl for 5 rounds

When you change colour carry the other shade through so it is intertwined with your knitting and there will not be any loose yarn.

These 12 rows in total form the rib pattern, repeat 12 rounds three times more then repeat first seven rounds again.
Cast off.

You should have enough yarn to make a cuff for the scarf:
Cast on 50 sts in the Noro yarn using 5mm needles.
Next row: Knit
Next row: Purl
Next row: Knit
Next row: Purl 4, cast off 4, Purl to end
Next row:  Knit 42sts, cast on 4, knit to end
Next row: Purl
Change to 2nd yarn,
Next row: Purl
Next row: Knit
Repeat last 2 rows twice more.

Repeat last 12 rows once more, then repeat first 6 rows.  Cast off.

Attach 3 buttons on other end of cuff to match buttonholes.


  1. This is really pretty! I like it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks lovely Rona! Really like the cuff idea too :) I must add it to my list of knitting projects 'to do'!
    Alison :D

  3. Hi, This is a very pretty cowl. I've just begun and am having troubles already. If knitting in the round would you knit one row and then purl the next? It looks like you have knit several rounds and then purled several? Thanks for the info,

  4. Thank you for e-mailing me as I have accidentally put the instructions for using needles and not a circular needle! THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOW FOR THE CIRCULAR NEEDLE AND SHOULD BE CORRECT. The cuff is made with 2 needles.
    Oh dear, I have had 600 viewings of this! Just as well its free!


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