Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Socks, socks and more socks....

Ooh.... its so cold here in Yorkshire - definitely Sock weather and a great time of the year to learn how to knit them.  So, on Saturday I ran a 'How to knit Socks' class at Up Country with some lovely ladies.....I'd spent most of the week knitting up socks for samples and then I had a conversation with one of the ladies and it turned out she was an experienced sock knitter and wanted to learn new techniques: I am more than happy to 'expand' my repertoire and found myself moving into a new phase in my sock making! I didn't realise what a 'cult' sock making is!  My eyes are well and truly opened to sock making!  Bring it on!
A fellow blogger Alison @ Tweed Thoughts warned me of this addiction and I am now hooked - or should I say 'pinned'.  So I've crammed myself with socky knowledge and I now know how to knit Magic Loop socks and desperate to start knitting 2 socks at once....honestly, so many projects, so little time....here are some pics of our day....

Heads down hard at work

                                       And some Magic Looping going on here.....

Mini Cup cakes from the local WI  i.e. not my work!

And some knitted socks....

At the moment I have just finished a Cocoon sweater which is a re-work - yes, I re-work! Yarn is too expensive too waste and if I'm not happy I rip it back and re-knit it to a different style - and I plan to 'air' it on the net in the next week or so and I've started another quickie winter project that I'll be putting on Ravelry and hosting a 'giveaway' ..............so watch this space!

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  1. Looks like a lovely, cosy, workshop Rona! So pleased you have caught the bug too, hehe :) Sock knitting is keeping me calm in my moment of crisis at the moment (my laptop crashed at the weekend - Oh Dear!)

    Hope to be back to 'normal' soon :D Thanks for the mention - too kind!
    P.S. Those cakes look yummy!
    Alison :)


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