Friday, 8 February 2013

Learning to Crochet at Rowan 'Up Country'

Last weekend I ran a 'Learn to Crochet' workshop at Up Country - it was a busy day with 8 very enthusiastic ladies!  Some of the ladies were local, some from South Yorks and one lady travelled all the way from North Wales: it was lovely to meet you all. 

It was pretty intense concentration by everybody and they absolutely zoomed through the set projects - they were very quick in picking up the crochet skill and were soon planning their first projects.....this makes me very happy as I know that they 'got it' and that they are 'hooked'.

I taught them the basic skills, how to read a pattern and then we did a bit of 'grannying', a bit of 'hearting' and a bit of 'flowering'.....told you they were keen!   We stopped for a grand lunch from 
Nick's Kitchen and then tucked into home made Marmalade Cake.

Hope to see you sometime again ladies and for those who still want to 'Learn to Crochet' the next class is on Saturday April 20th and also Wednesday May 1st - book early to avoid disappointment.

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  1. What a great class Rona! These ladies were obviously inspired by your teaching methods - looks like a lovely group :) Home made marmalade cake sounds especially tempting :D
    Alison x


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