Friday, 25 March 2016

A busy bee

I suppose I should be posting Easter stuff with the holiday upon us but I think I covered that one in my previous post which was a super fast Fluffy Bunny. What I do have to show you is a Bee that I have made for the trust involved in the running of the school that I teach at.  The Head Teacher - who just so happens to be a crafter person - brought me the bookmark for the trust and asked me if I could do anything textiley with it 'leave it with me' I said.

As well as being a secondary school we now accommodate primary school children so I immediately thought of a toy and looking into amigurumi.  I searched on Ravelry and came up with this little guy....


I thought I could 'develop' him to become our little bee, he had a nice big head so there would be plenty of 'learning' going on.  So I purchased the pattern and if you would like to do so this is the link. It's a good pattern very clear and easy to follow.

I started working on this during my half term holiday in Scotland, I had taken a yarn stash from home but on visiting my hometown in Fife I came upon this yarn stash from the wonderful shop Tiger , I came across this shop when we holidayed in Denmark and was thrilled when they came in the UK and I found one in Dunfermline. ( Although nothing in Yorkshire yet) Tiger is inexpensive and just joyful, as a teacher and crafter I can always find something here and on this occasion I got this yarn pack - above - for £2.  Just the colours I needed, 15gms of each so I set to work on it.  Notebook and pen are also from Tiger notebook has graph paper inside: excellent!  

So the result was this little guy and they were thrilled when they saw him at school, I found the face quite hard to do as it can really make or break the toy and I did a lot of unpicking but I think I got the happy chap that he is meant to be with a twinkle in his eye.

I hope you have a lovely Easter, I am off to Bath with a group of ladies for a few days and hoping to see some textiley stuff down there and I also really want to get round to working on my Liberty Quilt: but that's another story.  Happy Easter. 

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  1. Aw, he is lovely! You got his wee face just right :) :) Have a lovely Easter break x


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