Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Fair Isle Jumper

A bit of culture now....the image that I have chosen to use for fairislerona is the painting 'The Fair Isle Jumper' by the Scottish Artist Stanley Cursiter.  Cursiter was a post-impressionist painter born on the isle of Orkney and I saw this painting at the Edinburgh City Art Gallery and never really forgot it. I think the lady in the painting is quite gorgeous and she is wearing a piece of my favourite knitwear: fair isle.  
As well as teaching textiles I am also a qualified textile designer and I design machine knitted knitwear: in particular fairisle and when we are in the wool wearing months I sell my knitwear on  'Etsy' : the craft site. 
I design and love fair isle, I'm named after the island of Rona: so fairislerona was born....

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