Monday, 7 May 2012

Knitting and Crochet Club, a family gathering and a finished sweater...

Its been a very busy weekend, on Saturday I held the Knitting and Crochet club which is held every 4 weeks at Up Country.  There was 8 ladies - men are welcome - plus myself and everybody was at different levels of ability from novice to expert.  I'm there to help out with knitting and crochet 'problems' and share advice, they are there to enjoy their craft in relaxing surroundings.  We have tea, coffee and cake, we natter and we laugh - a lot!  Here are the 'clubbers':

On Saturday evening I then had to focus on completing my new nephews cardigan, I finally completed it at 12.30am - Sunday!  I hate knitting under pressure!  On Sunday afternoon I then had my family around - to see the new nephew - and cooked for 8 people.  I enjoy cooking and love having people around for 'food': it's a lovely way of giving....I cooked one of my current favourite recipes by Lucas Hollweg: Slow roasted Pork with chorizo and beans followed by Nigella's Lemon Meringue Gateau.  I made enough for 12 and they ate it all.  I'm not complaining.....finally, the finished sweater for my new nephew:

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