Monday, 16 March 2015

Crochet Birds for Easter

These little birds are super quick to make and take up small quantities of yarn - which all 'crocheters' have.  I've designed them for Easter but they could easily be used for Christmas or any form of decoration.  You will need some double knitting yarn, a 3.5mm crochet hook and a bit of stuffing for your 'bird'.

Please be aware that these are English crochet instructions, so if you are making this in the USA a dc: double crochet will be an sc: single crochet and a tr:treble will be a dc: double crochet.


ch - chain
ss - slip stitch
dc - double crochet
tr - treble

Start off with 4ch and slip stitch into first chain to create a circle - or you can do a sliding loop as per photo  if you prefer.

Round 1: 3ch ( this counts as 1 tr), 11tr into circle, join with a ss into the top of the 3ch.


Round 2: 3ch, 1 tr into same stitch, 2 tr into every tr stitch of round 1,

join with ss into top of 3ch. (24sts)

Round 3: 3ch, 2 tr into next tr, (1 tr into next stitch, 2 tr into next stitch) 11 times then ss into top of 3 ch.  ( 36sts)

Round 4:To continue, increase in every 3rd st. (48sts)

Round 5: Increase in every 4th st. (60sts)  Fasten off.


Fold the circle in half, introduce the second colour and starting in one corner fasten the 2 edges together with double crochets - there should be 30 of them ( half the circumference).

Before the semi circle is completely enclosed stuff some wadding into the birdie.

Then work dc's to the other edge enclosing the body of the bird.


To create the 'fantail'
On reaching the other corner, in the space of the last stitch work (3ch, 2tr) in the same space, turn

Next Row: (ch3, 1tr) in 1st space, 1tr in next st, 2tr in next stitch, turn

Next Row: (ch3, 1tr) in 1st space, 3tr in next 3sts, (2tr in next space) turn

Now work 6dc down left side of fantail, back to the starting point


Work along top of bird putting 1 dc into every treble (10dc) till you reach the opposite edge

Now work 12tr into the corner linking the last treble with a ss into 2nd dc on the edging. Turn


Now make 3dc along treble edge, 3ch and then another dc into same treble space - this creates the 'beak' - then 9 dc to take you back to the top edge.

SS along this edge till you come to the centre of the back.  Cut the yarn leaving a piece long enough for a tie, put a knot in the end of it and pull through stitch leaving a long enough loop.

Wings - 2

Start of with 4ch and ss to form a loop or create a sliding loop
Row 1: 3ch - counts as first tr, 2 tr, turn  (3tr)

Row 2: 3ch, 1tr in 1st space, 1tr, 2tr in last space, turn (5tr)

Row 3: 3ch, 1tr in 1st space, 2tr, 2tr in last space, (7tr)

Now work 6dc along edge to finish at starting point.


Sew wings into place one each side of bird.
For the eyes I produced a 'french knot' but a small button would be good.


  1. Génial ! Adopté ici. Un grand merci

  2. Hey! I shared your adorable pattern on my blog today! Swing by, and take a peek, if you feel so inclined! Can't wait to make these little beauties!


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