Friday, 13 March 2015

Making 'Saw Tooth Stars' from Rowan fabric @ John Lewis, Sheffield

Had a lovely day on Wednesday @ John Lewis Sheffield creating 'Saw Tooth Stars'.  We started the workshop learning the basic construction of this quilter's block, there was some puzzled expressions on the way and I could see that the ladies didn't realise how mathematical quilting was but they persevered.  But when we were in the final stages of creating the block and it was coming together the Sheffield ladies cheered - it truly was a 'eureka' moment!

The ladies had enough fabric to produce a cushion like mine and having practised with their trial block they had the opportunity to get creative with their Rowan fabric.  I chose to do 2 blocks with reverse colour combinations.

Having produced their 'practice block' they then went on to creating and designing their own colour combinations using the Rowan fabrics.

 Loving this colour combination

 Some hard work going on here.
The same 'Saw Tooth Star' block with a border and wadding and getting ready for a bit of quilting.

and they also learnt how to 'fussy cut' their Rowan fabric.

I shall be doing a 'Saw Tooth Star' tutorial in a future post.

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