Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Ohio Star Quilt in a Day @ John Lewis, Sheffield

Last Saturday I ran a 'Ohio Star Quilt in a Day' workshop for Rowan at John Lewis, Sheffield. I planned this workshop as a development from my previous 'Quilt in a Day' class, instead of doing the central 5 x 5 piece block it was the opportunity to learn how to produce a traditional quilter's 'Ohio Star Block'.



It was a perfect Quilting day as the weather was pouring rain outside after what had been a glorious sunny week.  Whenever its sunny I always feel I should be outside enjoying the great weather and not sewing, but when the weather is awful I feel its o.k to be inside sewing. 
So we started to work on our Quarter Square Triangles and trimmed them up before we put our blocks together

The 5 ladies had chosen their own fabric for their Quilts and there was a diverse range of designs and colour combinations.  I produced my own bock using Tula Pinks 'Elizabeth' fabric: above left.  However looking at my photographs I now realise that I had 2 of the Quarter Square Traingles the wrong way round - can you see it? The roses and polka dot fabrics continue to be popular.

So here we have the 'Stars' coming together, one of the fabrics is the same in each of the blocks yet they look so different.

The 5 ladies working very hard, its a very busy day but you sew, you chat, have a nice lunch and leave with a Quilt and here are the Quilts that were produced ......and thank you ladies for the lovely day..

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