Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Rowan 'Quilt in a Day' @ John Lewis, Cheadle

Last Saturday I ran my first Quilting workshop @ John Lewis, Cheadle.  It was my 'Quilt in a Day' workshop and it was the first time that all of the ladies had quilted, I warned them it was hard work but they were up to the challenge and with me 'jollying' them along and helping them out I assured them they would be leaving with a Quilt at the end of the class.

So we immediately got started and into the workshop and I could see the ladies a bit taken aback with the speed of it all and all the information but time is of the essence in the workshop and so we didn't 'hang about'.  When the ladies started to cut their fabric I could see it all starting to make sense to them and they got off to a really good start.

I continually say it but I love to see the fabric combinations and the ladies always say that this is one of the hardest parts for them but I reassure them that I have not seen a bad Quilt yet.  So these photos were taken when we started to lay out the fabric order of the central panel.  I love this fabric, the main feature is the 'tents' so we chose to put one in the centre and in the four corners.  The grey and black fabric particularly highlights the tents, this fabric was butterflies and the co-ordinating fabric had bees on it - so it truly was a camping Quilt.  But the lady did not camp!!!

'Piecing' their central blocks of their Quilts.

The weather was really lovely on Saturday, our workspace was really cool but when we had lunch we were able to dine outside in this gorgeous setting.

But we had work to do so after a spell in the sun it was back to it and the ladies started to add their border fabrics.

The Quilts are really coming together now .....

And here we have the completed 6 Quilts.

Finally, I am making a Quilt for the Festival of Quilts!  I am very excited about it and I have started to prep my fabric, the design is by Sally Davies, is called 'Reflecting Pool' and is from Quilts in Sweden publication which happens to be one of my favourite Rowan Quilting Magazines.

This is the design on the right.

And these are the very yummy fabrics I am using, full report to follow!

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  1. The ladies quilts look lovely Rona - and all in one day, amazing! Looking forward to seeing your own quilt - the fabrics look very yummy :) :) x


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