Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A quilt for the Festival of Quilts

In my last post I said I was making a Quilt for the 'Festival of Quilts' and I'm happy to say that I have just finished making it - phew! What a relief!  The design was 'Reflecting Pools' and its from the Quilts in Sweden book which is one of my favourites.  Although a lot of the designs are by Kaffe this particular quilt is by Sally Davies.

So the fabric arived and the main metreage was on the 'Japanese Chrysanthemum' fabric which I had to 'fussy cut' to get 18 Chrysanthemums - this really started to gobble the fabric up and I still needed some very long borders.
So the Chrysanthemums were then log cabinned.
And I then started to work on the 3 x 4 blocks using Millefiore Blue and the Chrysanthemum fabric.
There was 9 of these....
Meanwhile, I was waiting for my new favourite fabric -Bekah - from Cotton Patch who supplied me with all the fabric.
Which I then had to make into 3x4 blocks with the Chrysanthemum fabric again - 8 of these.
So when they were finished I started to plot my Quilt and realised that my sitting room, or any room, was big enough for this.
Then I pieced it together and displayed it at school to take a photograph.
Here are some close up pics of this gorgeous Quilt, I can truly say its exquisite it is so yummy I could eat it.  It's been sent back down to Cotton Patch for long arm quilting and I'm really looking forward to seeing it at The Festival of Quilts.

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  1. Ooooh, this is looking gorgeous! I love anything to do with Kaffe Fassett :) The colours are fabulous - very exciting to see the finished work at the Festival - congrats!
    Alison x


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