Sunday, 17 January 2016

Edward's Menagerie and my current project....


It's definitely knitting weather here, we've had a good batch of snow and I can finally drag out my stash of winter sweaters.  I remember thinking back in September that the reservoirs around here were really low as we hadn't had much rain but then the rain came and it rained and it rained and I heaved a sigh of relief that we lived on a hill and most of the rain ran down that hill and this lasted for about a month.  Then Christmas came with all it's images of cold wintry scenes - and it was mild here.  But then it changed and it got colder and it really feels like January now and I can get my warm knitwear out at last.
So what have I been up to on the craft front?  Various projects as usual and I'll cover them over the next few weeks but the first I would like to tell you about is 'Edward's Menagerie'....


I had seen this book before but not taken a lot of interest in it, then a lady came to Knit n Crochet Club and said she wanted to crochet and make the animals in the book: I raised an eyebrow - wanting to learn in 2 hours? Then finding out that the lady was left handed?  I obliged but was not optimistic, I taught her how to produce a chain stitch and a double crochet and came to the conclusion that I would not see her again.
So next club date - 4 weeks later - I was really surprised to see her with 4 animals!!! I was overwhelmed! I was so impressed that she had stuck with it, made a wobbly first animal but then she had continued and then next animal was better.  


So having seen this I got the bug and bought the book for myself, I then went on to make Angharad the Donkey as a present for my friends prospective baby. 



The other ladies at our club have now got the 'Edward' bug and are now looking to learn to crochet.
It's a great book if you haven't seen it, really well explained lots of pictures and simple instructions, once you have mastered making the main body you continually use the pattern for the other animals and all of the animals have their own story which is lovely - Angharad used to be a seaside donkey and now she is a surfer that still loves the sand between her toes.

I hope these photos are clear enough as they are from my i-phone but you'll get the idea.  I used Rowan's Sheep breeds for Angharad although the original designs are made in conjunction with 'Toft' yarns.

At the moment I am working on 'Etherow' by Sarah Hatton and I am knitting it 'bottom up', it has no seams and it is knitted on circular needles or 4 pins. I have had my problems with it, mainly due to my lack of understanding as its years since I knitted a sweater like this, but I am getting there and hope to post some pics soon.


  1. The animals from Edward's Menagerie are so cute - very addictive.
    Your sweater looks like you've made plenty of progress.

  2. The animals from Edward's Menagerie are so cute - very addictive.
    Your sweater looks like you've made plenty of progress.

  3. It's VERY slow progress Janet! Will tell you all about it in the next few weeks - nice to 'hear' from you x

  4. Lovely snowy pics Rona! Our snow (such as it was) has all gone :( This book looks great (I've spotted it online before) - I can see why the patterns are so popular - too cute! Fantastic that you helped the lady on her creative journey - she will be delighted I'm sure. The sweater looks lovely :) (so does Angharad!)
    Alison x


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