Sunday, 29 July 2012

A lovely week..

How good has the weather been this week?  What a difference a bit of sunshine makes!  My 'education friends' have started their 6 week sabbatical so I'm trying to have one day out with them a week.  This week I went to Salts in Saltaire which is one of my favourite Yorkshire venues, everybody loves Salts....many years ago I knew the lady who worked as the last textile designer in Salts Mill, she worked there about the same time that I moved down to Yorkshire.  Just looking at the sheer vastness of the building had me wondering how many looms they had in the Mill: it is huge...the restaurant, gallery and retail side only takes up part of the building but the rest is occupied by various companies.  If you live outside Yorkshire I cannot recommend this place enough....its a real insight as to how the Yorkshire Textile industry used to be.
So, when we visited we had a bit of lunch and a mosey around the 'shops', I particularly like the area that sells books and cards....the cards are usually by wonderful artists and I generally stock up on them.
Salts also has a permanent exhibition and is very much the home of Bradford artist David Hockney , unfortunately we did not get to see his latest exhibition of paintings produced on his i-pad.  But throughout the mill there are plenty of his paintings adorning the walls.  When you enter the ground floor of Salts there is allways the scent of lilies and its accompanied by gorgeous classical music.....and they have a gorgeous selection of cards, artist materials and books.  Whenever I visit Salts its usually to meet up with friends but one day I plan to visit Saltaire village next to the mill - the village was constructed to house the mill workers by the enterprising mill owner Titus Salt - which is supposed to have a lovely selection of shops .. one day I'll do this...

My new Salts shopper bag...

This is the dining area

Lilies are in abundance at Salts!

On the ground floor....

I particularly like this Hockney picture ....I love the boldness of colour and it reminds of the 
Jean Paul Gaultier perfume.

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