Friday, 6 July 2012

How to crochet a daffodil

I've been working on a floral tea cosy and have produced a pattern that is available from 'Up Country' and will eventually be on the Ravelry website.  It is a knitting and crochet pattern - at the moment - and has produced a lot of response in the shop.  I hope you like it!  The flowers are really easy but the daffodil is a bit tricky so this is a tutorial that supports it's making: I hope it make's life a bit easier as I dont want to create crafty problems.  So here we go.....

                                              This is the 'flower basket tea cosy'.

Chain (ch) 4 and slip stitch (slip stitch) to make a ring.

Chain 3 - this forms first treble(tr), then 11 tr into ring.

Sl st to top of 3 ch.

Now this is when it gets tricky: ch3 then on the v-shaped loops that have been made at the top of the previous stitches work into the back loops - instead of the whole stitch.  

Work 1 treble into each stitch - this shows the 3 ch, 1tr and then the start of the next treble.

Continue round the trebles till you meet the 3ch - slip stitch to join.  You'll have created a bowl shape.  Repeat this round again, but this time work into the whole stitch.

Now ch2, and double crochet in first stitch, then ch2, dc in next stitch - repeat all the way round and this will produce a fluted edge.  

Sl st into first ch of ch2 and fasten off - you now have the trumpet of the daffodil.

Next tricky bit - turn the trumpet upside down and join the yarn through any thread from your first round of treble stitches.  

Do 1 double crochet, ch2 miss the next treble from the same round and make a double crochet in the next stitch.   

Do this all the way round - (ch2, skip next st,  1dc in next st )  till end of round joining with a sl st into 1st dc.  So you now have 6 loops to work into.  

Sl St into first crochet loop, ch2, 1tr, 2 double trebles, 1tr, ch2, 1dc into same loop.

You then have the shape of the first petal.  Slip st into next loop and start a petal again.

3rd petal

Completed petals

Now we'll do the edging of the daffodil, this will pull the petal in and give it more of a cupped shape.  

*1 dc into next ch2 space from previous round then 1dc into next 2 stitches

then crochet 2

then turn put hook back into the first crochet you made and put a slip st through it 

- this will make a picot (pointed) edge to the petal, dc in same stitch, that's the pointed edging created on the petal.  

Continue with a dc in next stitch

and then a dc into 2 ch space

Then a slip stitch into the join between the petals.

Petal completed.  Repeat from * for the rest of the petals.

All petal edging completed.  Tidy up ends.

The daffodil.

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