Sunday, 1 July 2012

Flower basket tea cosy

I've been working on this tea cosy for quite a few weeks and think that I have finally got it right.  It was initially made for the 'Up Country'  studio for the knitting club and workshops and was designed as a basket of flowers and it had a really good response.  I was asked for the pattern - it's actually a booklet - and started working on it, it took quite a bit of tweaking but I got there in the end.  Its a combination of knitting and crochet and the pattern is available from 'Up Country' for £2 and they have also put a yarn pack together for it which costs £15 including pattern - this is a pretty good deal!  
The daffodil is a bit fiddly to crochet so I'm putting a tutorial together for it and plan to post it soon.....
I'm really enjoying my crochet at the moment and I've decided to take some on holiday - think I will get away with a plastic crochet hook on the plane and there will be a bit of room in my 10 kilo bag for the yarn: my other half will be shaking his head. 
 I've a few projects in mind to start working on, so I'm going to take some lovely summery colours and think of lovely summery projects.  So there could be some more crochet projects on the horizon. 

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